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The Rhetoric of Fear Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Rhetoric of Fear - Essay Example The sequence of circumstances surrounding the 11th of September led to the establishment of what President W. Bush called â€Å"War on terror â€Å", which became state policy (CNN "Bush Declares War"), meaning that early statements about repossession and revenge to encourage partisanship became an authentic war with no culmination in scene. The language that President W. Bush used to describe the situation and to target United States citizens was very important; it was aimed to shape people’s understanding about the conflict, to define what the problem was and how to think about and even what it has to be done to face the crisis. The events that occurred on September 11th constituted a convincing, powerful, available and understandable frame towards a fearful audience (Gershkoff and Kushner). Expressions like â€Å"acts of mass murder†, â€Å"terrorist attacks†, â€Å"terrorist†, â€Å"nuclear bombs†, â€Å"bombing†, and â€Å"evil† among others were, then, the representational trend of a new phenomenon: the culture of fear. Wars have the capability to stimulate general audience to be better informed, increasing their intake of news. People that are not informed about current issues usually take advice from the opinion of their leaders; at this point, information is not any more objective but liable to manipulation by elites, which lately will help to shape public opinion. The method by which media is able to shape public opinion is through manipulation of contents and through the tone they use to approach the general audience. Media covers political and current issues using political leader’s quotations and official speeches, therefore giving public authorities a scenario where to propagate their messages. Then, un-informed audiences using information from mass media as a source of their information is further vulnerable to respond and believe. If debate occurs, it will be carried up by elites and covered by media, though when deliberation does not exist or it is muted, one-side of information wi ll emerge if other opinions are disposed under consideration. All this turned to be truth after September 11th when media responded respectfully, broadcasting government official positions. However, it is remarkable that while United States citizens are not well informed about politics, they do have resilient opinions on war, then it was surprising how people responded in favor towards the implementation of national security policies and ‘war on terror’ that the government launched after September 11th (Gershkoff and Kushner). The way by which critic situations (for instance, the Madrid train bombing (BBC)) are offered by media stands as a significant topic of studying, especially because of the influence it has over decision making of people and therefore, over the destiny of a nation. Due to the influence that shock and fear provoke, individuals become an easy target of manipulation (Chomsky). Emotions have enormous impact over the way we perceive our environment and consequently over the way we decide to respond (Vergano). From this point of view, society could easily be driven by fear; some can use this power to manipulate the general public to achieve political goals (Chomsky).Then, it becomes mandatory to understand how horror and suffering are represented on media and how they lead human reactions. The September 11th

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Big Five Personality Traits Essay Example for Free

Big Five Personality Traits Essay The Big Five personality traits are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability (or neuroticism), and openness to experience (Scholte, Van Lieshout, DeWit, Aken, 2005). The factors that are considered most important or least important would depend on who was making the evaluation and the priorities of the individual. For example, a person who valued learning or someone who needed an employee who could adapt to new circumstances quickly might say that openness to new experience was the most important factor. Another person who placed a greater emphasis on relationships, for example, might believe that emotional stability is more important. While everyone likes an agreeable person, people who are too agreeable can create problems if they simply go along with anything and do not at least occasionally think for themselves and challenge something. Trying to select the most important of these traits is like trying to choose the most important among equals. It is also interesting that Scholte, Van Lieshout, DeWit, and Aken (2005) found that the Big Five traits and their effects on adolescents are consistent across cultures. The trait that is the most applicable to me is openness to new experience. I enjoy trying new things and meeting new people. I do not enjoy doing the same thing all the time. I believe that the openness trait is closely related to the trait of extraversion. Extraverted people tend to be focused on external things, while introverts have a more internal focus. Since new things are almost always found in other people and places, then it seems that the extravert would be more likely to pursue and be open to new experiences, while the introverted person would be less likely to seek out new things in the outside world but more likely to look for new revelations within or about himself or herself. I consider myself an extraverted person who is open to new experiences. I am usually agreeable, relatively conscientiousness, and fairly stable emotionally. References Scholte, R. , Van Lieshout, C. DeWit, C. and Aken, M. (2005). Adolescent personality types and subtypes and their psychosocial adjustment. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 51 (3), p. .258-286. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from www. Questia. com database. http://www. questia. com/read/5011758638

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Gifted and Talented Education Research Paper -- essays papers

Gifted and Talented Education Research Paper It is important to understand the many different methods of educating gifted and talented students. Most people, whether as teachers, students, or parents, will at some point be faced with the many options of educating the gifted and talented. In the United States today, 3-5 percent of students are considered gifted. Defining whether or not a student is gifted can be quite difficult, but many would agree that gifted students â€Å"are able to learn material rapidly and understand concepts deeply† (Lynch, 1999). Within this paper I will discuss the process of identifying gifted and talented students and the different methods of educating them including tracking, grade advancement, and cooperative learning. Of these three methods I believe the most effective method used to teach gifted and talented students is tracking. One of the most controversial things about gifted and talented education is the criterion educators use to identify the gifted and talented. In the past, a student’s intelligence, based on an I.Q. score, was considered the best way to determine whether or not they qualified as gifted. As a result of using this method of identification, many gifted and talented students are not discovered nor are they placed in the appropriate programs to develop their abilities. Talents in the arts or an excellent ability to write are not measured on an I.Q. test but are abilities that may certainly qualify a student as gifted or talented. This method of identification is accused of being biased because it results in the identification of a group of people that is mostly white and upper middle class (Sternberg & Williams, 2002). This occurs because minorities often lack the c... ...delines for Acceleration (n.d.). Retrieved March 10, 2003, from Lovecky, D. V. (1995). Highly Gifted Children and Peer Relationships. Counseling and Guidance Newsletter. Retrieved March 10, 2003, from Mathews, M. (1992). Gifted Students Talk About Cooperative Learning. Educational Leadership, 50. Retrieved March 10, 2003, from Author unkown (2003, March 9). In gifted classrooms is diversity lacking?. Salisbury Daily Times. Retrieved March 10, 2003, from Author unknown (2003, February 24). Schools seek gifted among minorities. The Washington Times. Retrieved March 10, 2003, from

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Book and National Bookstore Essay

Goodwill bookstore is a 100 percent Filipino firm and is one of the Philippines’ first, having started in 1938, and currently one of its largest bookstores. For several decades now, Goodwill Bookstores has been consistently in the Philippines’ top 1000 corporations currently servicing over 5,000 regular outlets all over the country. Goodwill Bookstores lead all other bookstores especially in the field of medicine offering such books as Harper’s Biochemistry, Ganong Medical Physiology and Robbin’s Pathological Basis of Disease. Goodwill is the exclusive Philippine distributor of big foreign publishers such as Appleton and Lange, McGraw-Hill Book Co. , Lippincott-Raven. Although, there are a lot of bookstores in the Philippines like Merriam-Webster Bookstore, Goodwill Bookstore, and some other minor bookstores and booksale stores, National Bookstore will stand out. National Bookstore is the largest chain of bookstore in the country and one of the oldest. It was established in the 1930’s in Manila. The bookstore did not start as big as it is now. It is only a small stall selling textbooks and school supplies in the street of Escolta, Manila. The bookstore was destroyed twice, first, when the whole of Escolta was burned down during the Japanese era, and the second was caused by a typhoon in 1948. The most famous bookstore in the Philippines and also the largest with 92 branches and still growing. It is located mostly on shopping malls. They also sell school and office supplies. They also sell books online and delivery services. The bookstore called Bestsellers is also owned by NBS while National Bookstore is the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines with 92 branches in the country. It was set to open its first overseas branch, in Hong Kong, in September 2007. Through the hard work and powerful leadership of Socorro Cancio-Ramos and the late Jose Ramos with their family, the company has evolved from its humble beginnings into the biggest and strongest bookstore chain in the Philippines. 1. Over sixty five years of focused energy has brought National Book Store to where it is now: the pinnacle of the bookstore industry in the Philippines. More than that, the National Book Store family takes pride in its role as an institution that supports education and enhances lives by providing the best and widest selection of educational, professional, and social communication products. The values that took Mr. and Mrs. Ramos through adversity—hard work, shrewd business skills and a strong sense of social responsibility—remain the driving force for the whole Ramos family, their 2,500 employees in over 120 branches, and will keep National Book Store ahead in the next century. While fully bookstore our A2 Economics revision workshop at Fulham Broadway on Tuesday 30 November 2010 is now fully booked. Too many businesses mindlessly and lazily copy the market leader and each other, creating a blur of homogeneous, me-too offerings. That is why most businesses fail, because they are not able to stand out from the overcrowded marketplace. In this book, the authors share highly successful and practical strategies that they and other thriving entrepreneurs have used to great success. The book is co-written by Thomas Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of one of Singapore’s largest and most successful pests Control Company, and Sant Qiu, a highly sought-after Profit Strategist who has helped his clients radically increase their profits within a matter of months. Most other business books are either filled with complex textbook theories or inspirational success stories without revealing the truly critical information of how they actually did it. That’s where Secrets to Dominate Your Niche is different. It provides specific powerful differentiation strategies that the reader can immediately apply in their business today. These are supplemented with highly entertaining real-life case studies drawn from both authors’ experiences, keen observations of the behavior of the marketplace and actual big name entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their respective niches. For instance, in page 235 of the book Thomas reveals how he clinched a coveted major contract with a well-known 5-star hotel in Singapore, his company’s first major client, in spite of being the â€Å"unproven† newcomer in the pest control industry. He did this by using one of the strategies detailed in the book — offering a gutsy guarantee. The book also tells the reader how they can use this strategy in several different ways. And if the reader has the guts to put all the strategies to good use in their business, then one of the not-to-be-missed chapters shows you how to pit yourself against the market leader in your industry and come out tops. In the chapter Differentiate By Polarity Positioning, the authors explains why picking a fierce fight against the biggest competitor can be a smart move to quickly gain market share and establish your brand. (Hint: this is what made Apple Inc extremely successful.) The book contains specific, sometimes contrarian and radical strategies of how a business can differentiate itself in many ways, such as being a leader, being a specialist and even by charging premium prices. The authors show that these strategies really work in the real business world by citing proven examples of how these have been used successfully by other entrepreneurs as well. What’s most refreshing is the fact that they unselfishly share these â€Å"niche domination secrets† in detail and break them down into easy-to-follow steps. Readers will also find nuggets of business wisdom in the form of Success Keys in the second chapter, which details ways to develop the right entrepreneurial mindset to succeed; as well as management and R&D tips to grow their company in the last two chapters. Any businessman or aspiring entrepreneur would certainly benefit from these insightful â€Å"secrets† to gain market share and increase their profits. It is no wonder that well-known local entrepreneurs like Elim Chew, Douglas Foo, Adam Khoo and Lawrence Leow enthusiastically endorse this book. Even educators from prominent institutions such as SMU, Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management and Singapore Polytechnic have given the book rave reviews. It has even garnered international praise from business gurus such as Brain Tracy and Michael Weissman. They have hailed it as â€Å"a must read not only for entrepreneurs but for leaders of organisations† that will become â€Å"a bookshelf reference in our libraries†. Powerbooks opened its pages to the public on August 16, 1996. Amidst the drab and routine of ordinary bookstores, Powerbooks merged the passion of a literary salon and the sensibilities of a good bookstore. It provided ardent book lovers with a perfect mix of a cozy reading ambience, a coffee shop and an accessible good book to fulfill whatever fancy they may have. With a selection of almost 200,000 titles (and growing! ) from different genres, PowerBooks gives its patrons the most relevant selection of books at a competitive price. Book sale is increasing their market share tripled in the last six months because of the sales of the hardback book, and it has now topped the list as one of their bestselling products. Merriam & Webster Bookstore the two firms declined comment on the possibility of a sale, but Merriam-Webster’s market value was estimated in the business press between $20 million to $40 million. Sales performance Goodwill bookstore and/or other intangible assets are present in every business and they should not be discriminated against given their direct relationship to profitability and financial and operational performance. It is a feature of our modern service and information economy that hard assets are less and less important as time progresses. In fact, even those businesses considered to be hard asset heavy will feature goodwill values of at least 45% and often much higher (more profitable, more goodwill – get the idea). Actual statistics related to real world business acquisitions are provided next in order to document this fact. Goodwill’s workers certainly have no complaints, judging by their loyalty to the company. â€Å"We’re like one big family. The employees chose not to [join a union] because I think they’re satisfied and happy,† says Suplico, adding that the company has a low employee turnover. Goodwill management offers benefit schemes to employees based on competence. Depending on company and individual performance, the management provides financial perks and training while National Bookstore rapid growth and expansion can lay some tough demands on even the most successful enterprises. Such difficulties weren’t lost on National Bookstore, the Philippines’ biggest retailer of books and office supplies. As well-stocked branches of the store mushroomed around the country in the early 1990s, the resulting higher purchasing costs had to be addressed by integrating its entire supply chain. As an emerging retail giant, National had been aggressively launching new branches, and even new store concepts, such as PowerBooks and Office One Superstore. Such expansion begged for robust information systems that could provide critical decision support—from tracking company sales at a moment’s notice to monitoring inventory to the last item—delivered in time, of course. National thus undertook a strategic I. T. initiative in 1996 to streamline its retail operations and also improve the quality of in-store service. By aligning its I. T.  and business objectives, National was ultimately hoping to get a good return on its I. T. investment. The company initially hired international consultants who evaluated the stores’ needs and long-term goals, developed a technology roadmap and recommended appropriate applications software. Hardware selection was just as judicious in view of universal worries over runaway operating costs, including expenses for managing upgrades and maintenance. NBS chose to address the total-cost-of-ownership issue by standardizing its store automation platform on a single solution from a single vendor. Fully booked In business terminology, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable measurement for gauging business success. In Analysis Services, a KPI is a collection of calculations that are associated with a measure group in a cube that are used to evaluate business success. Typically, these calculations are a combination of Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expressions or calculated members. KPIs also have additional metadata that provides information about how client applications should display the results of the KPI’s calculations. A KPI handles information about a goal set, the actual formula of the performance recorded in the cube, and measurement to show the trend and the status of the performance. AMO is used to define the formulas and other definitions about the values of a KPI. A query interface, such as ADOMD. NET, is used by the client application to retrieve and expose the KPI values to the end user. PowerBooks The sale performance is profitable if the sales funnel worked. The sales funnel describes the actual conversion of prospects into sales. It is called as such because it includes the conversion ratio at each stage of the sales cycle, which has a funneling effect. Also, it is profitable if the impact with high-level executives is strong. Getting valuable time with high-level executives, knowing what to do and say when you’re in the meeting to ensure the most impact at the executive level, and winning the approval of key executives at the end of the meeting. With telemarketing on the rise and an increasing number of people screening their incoming calls, phoning a prospect and hoping to get an appointment with him or her requires new techniques. It can cost four times as much to sell to a new customer compared to an existing one. By taking advantage of existing relationships and ongoing contact with customers, companies can sell more products and services, reduce the cost of sales, enhance customer loyalty, and drive revenue. PowerBooks transports beyond paragraphs and chapters. Reading is not merely a common action in PowerBooks; it has its reputation as we said awhile ago; it has an experience of enabling the limitless journey of the mind, which every book lover takes in the process of reading. As PowerBooks continues to expand, with volumes upon volumes of stores like its books, customers can be assured that PowerBooks will always be spearheading innovation as a part of its growth, catering to the constantly changing needs and interests of bibliophiles in every PowerBooks store. This only satisfies that their sale performance is profitable. A book sale sale performance of Book Sale is not too good because based on the graph their sales was become lower than the previous sales so, their profit was becoming lower. Merriam & Webster Bookstore It boasted a wealth of new words from the fields of education, social science, and sports, and in particular from the tremendous scientific and technological revolution the country was going through, from which inventions and concepts, such as the telephone, the automobile, the phonograph, and the light bulb, emerged almost daily. Collegiate sales would grow steadily through the 20th century until by 2004 Merriam-Webster had sold more than 55 million copies, making it one of the best-selling hardcover books in American publishing history, second only to the Bible. Service The excellent services of Goodwill bookstore can accommodate needs quickly, effectively with experienced workers, always come through with the best. Specifically, we allocate the fair value of the wireless reporting unit to all of the assets and liabilities of that unit, including any unrecognized intangible assets, in a hypothetical calculation that would yield the implied fair value of goodwill. If the implied fair value of goodwill is less than the goodwill recorded on our consolidated balance sheet, we record an impairment charge for the difference. The Goodwill Bookstore is well-organized bookstore with neat shelves of old books. Goodwill book store generally stock all the books and other materials required in all the courses offered at the institution. Goodwill book store has kind and gentle customer service. Goodwill bookstore offers a low price of books. Goodwill bookstore provides added convenience to everyone’s book shopping experience. Goodwill bookstore has fair discounts together with various participating companies in the book & publishing industry. Goodwill book store people can visit your web site to buy and download your book almost instantly while the service of National Bookstore has served countless generations with high-quality reading materials at the most competitive prices. It has been instrumental in shaping young minds by nurturing children with books rich in core values and providing a wide array of academic titles and reprints for their education. National Book Store also offers every imaginable product for school and office use. From ordinary supplies to creative novelties, students and professionals in search of a particular item seldom leave the stores disappointed. Fully booked providing excellent service, both to external and internal customers, is one of the toughest challenges faced by every organization. Investment in products, technology, and systems can be undermined with ineffective behavior by front-line staff. Disallow negative talk about customers within the workplace. Forbid employees from talking about your customers in a negative light; this will improve their overall perception about the importance of the customer to the company’s success. This positive attitude will subconsciously transfer to a positive interaction with the customers themselves. . Record customer service calls. Listen to customer service calls to help determine several quantitative measures by which to measure customer service. There are time measures such as time to solve a problem or the number of issues handled within a certain time frame. There is also the ability to determine how many situations an employee has resolved with respect to other employees in a certain time period. Though, time is not everything in customer service if they are not being treated cordially. Use recorded customer service calls to determine which employees need further training on dealing with customers based on their tone of voice and direct language. Fully booked are extremely easy to work with. Their staff is friendly and efficient. In terms of service and the caliber of their staff, Fully Booked is the best agency. PowerBooks Big discounts on bulk orders Depending on your total purchase get as much as 20% discount. Free delivery for a minimum purchase of PhP 5,000, we will deliver your books to your company, school, or organization. Read Now, Pay Later Get to read and review books for free. Pull out books from our stores for a maximum of two weeks to assess at your leisure. Book fairsencourage the love of reading through exclusive book fairs. We’ll bring the latest selections and bestsellers to your students and employees. Powerbooks book fairs- the perfect addition to your events/activities. Easy Payment Terms Special payment terms for your employees can be arranged if they purchase books during our scheduled book fairs. The books that they have chosen can be deducted from their salaries. Convenient Purchasing of Books Now, you can easily purchase titles from Powerbooks. You don’t have to go to our branches. Simply order via email, fax, or over the phone. Book sale Book Sales provides sales & marketing for publishers wishing to command a presence in the important book markets, they also work closely with agents and distributors worldwide in order to be able to offer global distribution for English language titles if required. They offer a range of bespoke services to suit individual requirements, ranging from sales representation & distribution to the book trade through to a comprehensive marketing & promotion strategy. They develop long term relationships with their clients, working as true partners to develop and realize the full potential of their lists. Merriam & Webster Bookstore This store offers all items needed for school, offering top quality brands and affordable alternatives, giving customers’ freedom of choice. M&W may not be the most popular school supplies store but with the same array of items, lower price and shorter check-out lines, school shopping is stress-free. What’s more, they deliver for free within the vicinity for purchases of P1, 000. Good news for those who can’t carry home huge boards for projects or heavy loads of items for school opening. Most valuable products For the last 30 years, Goodwill Bookstore has always been one of the major booksellers during this most awaited event. Traditionally each year, Goodwill showcases its widest array of textbooks, references, pocket books, trade & children`s books and other quality reading materials both from foreign and local publishers. These are sold with huge book fair discounts together with various participating companies in the book & publishing industry. Aside from the usual book trade, Goodwill Bookstore and its affiliate, KATHA Publishing Co. , Inc. will be featuring special events & book launches. Providing added convenience to everyone’s book shopping experience, Goodwill Bookstore and Bridges Bookstore announce the official launch of their respective websites, www. goodwillbookstore. com and www. bridgesbookstore. com on September 16, 2009, the first day of the 30th Manila International Book Fair at 5:00PM, Meeting Room 4 of the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The Great Recession has hurt many businesses in the past two years, but one benefactor appears to be Goodwill Books, the used bookstore operated by Goodwill Industries. The store at 6063 Park in Park Place Centre was launched in February 2008 and has experienced such strong success that it was expanded earlier this year. The bookstore recorded $78,000 in sales by the end of September. By comparison, the area’s only other Goodwill book store, on Goodman Road in Southaven and open since 2006, had sales of $101,000 in the same time frame. â€Å"The economy has helped the bookstore business where people who may not have shopped here before have tried it out and those who had shopped here may shop here more,† said Goodwill vice president of operations Dave Leutwyler. â€Å"It’s all about being in the right place with the right product. â€Å"Leutwyler expects the Park Avenue location to match the Goodman Road numbers as awareness of the store grows. â€Å"We think it’s a first-class operation and we’re pretty proud of it,† Leutwyler said. â€Å"It’s doing really well. â€Å"The location was first conceived as a much-needed donation center, although it became apparent that it was more room than was needed. â€Å"We wanted to generate revenue to offset the cost of the rent, and the bookstore was a good alternative to fill the space,† Leutwyler said. Customers are drawn from nearby restaurants, St. Francis Hospital and the Courtyard by Marriott next door. Many buyers grab and go, but there is also an area where browsers can sit and read. â€Å"We have a good product, terrific service and great customers,† Leutwyler said. â€Å"We get customers looking to get away from the hospital for a bit and travelers at the hotel. Sometimes, at the end of the week, a traveler will bring a book back that’s been bought to donate back to the store. â€Å"Eleanor Troutman has worked at the store since it opened, and said it now has 10,000 books on its shelves, including those in hardback fiction, trade paperback, history, biography, self help and, of course, Oprah’s book club. â€Å"The expansion gave us the chance to offer more of the categories our customers are interested in,† Troutman said. Each donation center is linked to a particular Goodwill retail store. For the Goodwill Books store, certain centers’ books — the cream of the crop — have been designated for sale at the bookstore. All of our stores still have a nice selection of books,† Leutwyler said. â€Å"Any rare or valuable books will go to the bookstore† while MANILA, Philippines – Dell Philippines broke out from the mold by being the first PC company to tap National Bookstore as a reseller. Traditionally, IT companies appoint seasoned computer distributors and dealers that operate computer shops in major malls to carry their products. Dell, however, believes computers are now undoubtedly considered office and school supplies that it is just right to be in the shelves of National Bookstore, the country’s oldest and biggest chain of bookstore Best Buy Pals was created specifically for the choosy and trend-seeking teens. This new product line ensures that teens have new and exciting designs of school supplies and accessories to choose from. The annual product calendar features books and school and office supplies available at the stores. Every year, new and exciting features are added to make the calendar a more useful and effective communication and marketing tool. Fully booked is one of the hippest and most visited bookstore chains in the Philippines. They not only sell the widest selection of books at reasonable prices, they care for the environment too. Fully Booked Gift Certificates allow your loved ones to choose the item that is perfect for them in any of our Fully Booked stores. Fully Booked Corporate Accounts aim to help your company meet its needs for books. Whether you’re looking for training and reference materials to stay ahead in a fast changing industry, building your company’s library or rewarding important employees or clients, we have the solutions for you. 10% discount on cash purchases and 5% discount on credit card purchases for all your company employees (once initial purchase has been made). Facility to order books not currently in stock. PowerBooks valuable products, Educational books, Children Books, Fiction Books, Dictionaries, Bibles, Magazines , Newspapers. PowerBooks Corporate accounts are comprised of valued schools, companies, and organizations that enjoy numerous benefits from PowerBooks. Depending on your total purchase, get as much as 20% discount. For a minimum purchase of PhP 5,000, we will deliver your books to your company, school, or organization. Special payment terms for your employees can be arranged if they purchase books during our scheduled book fairs. The books that they have chosen can be deducted from their salaries. Book sales through retailers fell in 2009, and overall bookstore sales have been treading water since 2003 according to the government (table below). The combined total for media sales (mainly books) of the Barnes&Noble and Borders chains plus Amazon North America and BN. com was $13. 5 billion, with all the gain comng from online sales. These sums include a couple billion dollars worth of DVD’s, CD’s, coffee and brownies that aren’t publicly broken out of the numbers. Barnes and Noble pointed out years ago in a conference call that â€Å"most† of their business is in stable backlist sales, and their most valuable asset is their real estate. They are trying to create new book selling realestate with their Nook eBook reader, and claim their share of the eBook market is now greater than their share of the printed book market. The decline in Borders North American sales accelerated in 2009, they opened no new superstores and closed many Waldens bookstores in malls. Amazon media sales grew at a healthy pace, thanks to Kindle and Prime. Merriam & Webster Bookstore They offer educational books, children books, fiction books, dictionaries, bibles, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, CD Center, Office Essentials, quality plastic covers of thick grades and branded pencils with sturdy lead that lasts the whole school year can be found here. M&W also carries textbooks from their own publication and selected publishers, art supplies and cutie character knick-knacks all covered in one stop. You can purchase Merriam-Webster’s high quality references through your favorite bookstore, office supply retailer, or software dealer. Choose from a wide selection of dictionaries, writers’ guides, readers’ references, and CD-ROMs. Moreover, the company was convinced that while dictionaries in various electronic formats, especially Web-based, might never fully replace print dictionaries, they would be an important means of dictionary use in the future. Finally, Merriam-Webster realized that to keep hold of its leadership in dictionary publishing, its dictionaries had to be accepted as the standard by which dictionaries were measured. M&W is saleable because this is not only impressive in terms of completeness, it’s definitely budget friendly. The best marketing strategy The month of July has been a dismal month for the bulls in the market. The downtrend occurred most of the time in the oversold condition. This makes it difficult to put on extensive short positions when the market is in that status. That is why having some short positions as well as longs is a prudent strategy. There will always be excellent short charts in an up-trending market and there will always be good bullish signals in a down-trending market. When the market conditions are such that the trend is not clearly definable, the use of candlestick signals can make a portfolio strategy easy to implement. Having the portfolio positioned with both long and shorts during indecisive periods in the market provides a format that will profit from being in some positions that benefit from the market direction with the possibility that the opposite positions may not move against the portfolio. At worst, the positions opposite the market direction should not move against the portfolio in the same magnitude as the positions profiting from the market direction. The signals indicate circumstances that move the prices in the direction indicated even though it is opposite the market direction, such as a short signal pushing a price down when the rest of the market is moving up. Is your business strategy targeting your best market segment? Let’s analyze how much the Top Market Strategy will multiply your sales and profit. You see, we are all created equal, but some prospects are more â€Å"equal† than others. If your business is typical, prospects in the top 20% will produce 16 times more sales and profit than other market segments. Do you want to predict who is in your top market segment? Learn how a universal principle governs your sales and profit. Salespeople readily see that many of their sales come from a few customers, but the most successful salespeople analyze how the 80:20 rule of thumb works with their customers. When sales people segment their market by sales, they discover that 80% of their sales come from customers in the top 20%, whereas 20% of sales come from customers in the bottom 80%. Does this seem true for customers of your business? If your business is typical, this result must be true since the 80:20 rule is an application of Pareto’s universal principle. Figure 1 analyzes the sales of two market segments of a typical business. Goodwill bookstore temporary Site First of its Kind in Nation; Partnership with the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) to Help Create Job Training and Employment Opportunities for Transgender Individuals. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 27, 2010 — Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties (â€Å"Goodwill†) is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its new â€Å"pop up† store in San Francisco’s Castro District. A new concept for Goodwill, which currently operates 17 stores and 26 donation sites across three counties, the store is the first of its kind nationally to provide job training and employment opportunities for members of the transgender community. Part of this historic opening is Goodwill’s partnership with the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI), which will work with Goodwill to encourage employment sustainability among transgender individuals. Goodwill offers job training and placement programs that help foster career development and employment sustainability for people who face challenges to finding employment. With an estimated 70% of transgender Californian’s facing workforce discrimination, with fewer than half employed full time, there is a growing need for job training and employment opportunities among the transgender population. * â€Å"Work with dignity is a basic human right. Anyone with the desire to work should be able to,† said Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties. â€Å"We’re proud to work with TEEI on leveraging the Castro pop up store as a place where transgender individuals can seek employment and receive on the job training in effort to fight workforce disparity among California’s transgender population. † TEEI, a unique collaborative program of the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center (The Center), Jewish Vocational Service, and the Transgender Law Center, was designed to help transgender individuals find stable jobs that provide a living wage, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Its partnership with Goodwill is an example of the continued collaboration it hopes to have among local government, neighborhoods, businesses, and philanthropies, to improve the lives of transgender individuals in the workforce. â€Å"Based on a recent California survey transgender respondents are twice as likely as the general population to hold a Bachelors degree, yet are also twice as likely to live below the poverty line,†* said Clair Farley, TEEI Economic Development. Coordinator. â€Å"It is our hope the Castro pop up store will serve as a model for future programs to help transgender individuals overcome the barriers they face to finding sustainable employment. † San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who was instrumental in helping bring Goodwill and TEEI together on the pop up store, agrees: â€Å"This promises to be a Goodwill store that is unique as the Castro, bringing new shoppers to the neighborhood, and jobs to those in need. † National Bookstore offers a wide range of products from the retail sale and distribution of books to the sale of various school supplies. National Bookstore’s products, specifically the school supplies, are mostly aimed for the students’ and office workers’ consumption and needs. However, the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students and office workers.

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The First Method Of Mindfulness Of The Body - 1296 Words

The first method of mindfulness of the body is to disentangle the direct and immediate sensation in the body from our mental processes and reactions to the sensation. We attempt to place the sensation itself in the foreground and fully observe it, while allowing our likes and dislikes, thoughts and fantasies, to be noticed and let go of. Many times as we work on our minds and bodies, there can be quite a bit of sore muscles, being tired, just hang in there These will fade away and you will be on cloud nine. There will be sensations you may not like†¦..that, too will fade away. We are instead fully observing the nature of the sensations at hand instead of fixating on whether they are good or bad, right or wrong unless of course we are†¦show more content†¦While folding forward or bending back we can nourish this inspired attitude during our asana time by first simply noticing pressure in the external hip rotators, thickness in the groins, or rigidity in the abdomen as we bend into a hip opening bend. Take in to account how it feels, for the most part, the sensation itself is contained. As s substitute, instead of transferring our attention we should penetrate the experience a little more.. Accomplishing mindfulness during our practice of yoga, enables an awareness of letting go of our control and link together our feelings, ideas and your passions. Letting go of the control this enables our mind to become calm and peaceful, will be able to attain a better sense of wellbeing, take into consideration your mental balance when dealing with others. Researchers have recently begun to take an interest in healing benefits of mindfulness and yoga. Research has indicated that there are many health benefits when applying mindfulness based approaches to pain management, physical functioning, and the ability to cope with stresses in everyday life. We need to enable ourselves to understand how we can let go of stressful conditions by recognizing and being mindful of them, Mindfulness Meditation is an effective technique for letting go of life’s problems. Mindfulness has always been essential to practice along with yoga since its early documentation. Mindfulness is defined as attending

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Use of Robotics in Health Care Sector - 1148 Words

We are all familiar with the ‘ROBOTS’. So, the question is that, â€Å"WHAT IS A ROBOT?† The answer lies here: A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. Robots can be autonomous, semi-autonomous or remotely controlled and range from humanoids such as ASIMO and TOPIO to Nano robots, swarm robots, and industrial robots. By mimicking a lifelike appearance or automating movements, a robot may convey a sense of intelligence or thought of its own. Robots are said to be the future of mankind. WHAT IS THE USE OF ROBOTS IN HEALTH CARE SECTOR? Scientists say that, by 2050 one in four people in the world will be over the age of 65. The NHS†¦show more content†¦Currently in health care, robots are mainly used for surgical purposes. Various surgical procedures like hip replacement are being implemented using these robots. Robots could be used to perform minimal invasive surgery, remote surgery, and unmanned surgery. The use of Robotics in Health care has the following advantages: 1) Accuracy - Robots once instructed can perform a task without fatigue and with accuracy, even after long hours of operation. A robot would also eliminate hand-tremors of the surgeon, due to fatigue or other reasons and increase accuracy of the operation. 2) Smaller Scars - Robots perform surgery by making smaller cuts to the patient’s body, thus leaving smaller scars to the patients. 3) Less Blood Loss - Smaller incisions lead to lesser amount of blood loss for the patients. 4) Less P ain - Patients suffer lesser pain due to the smaller cuts made by the robots. 5) Faster Recovery - Smaller external cuts, eventually leads to faster healing, decreased possibility of infections, and therefore a faster recovery for the patients. 6) Shorter Hospital Stay - Speedier healing and recovery leads to a shorter stay in the hospital thus saving costs. The value of robotics for health care could be huge in terms of health, societal and economic benefits. Robotics offers the promise of sustainable and affordable health provision without compromising quality of care. Some robots have already been tested,Show MoreRelatedDelivery Of Robots And Clinical Setting1250 Words   |  5 Pages Delivery of Robots in Clinical Setting Over the past few years, tremendous technological innovations have taken place. The field of robotics has undergone great development, which has seen robots being intergraded into important sectors of the economy including healthcare. Robotic technologies in healthcare are utilized in a wide range of function including diagnosing of patients, surgery, medication distribution, surgery, and delivery of food to patients. AllenRead MoreThe Impact Of Robotic Surgery On Surgery1561 Words   |  7 Pages Analysis of Impact on Robotic Surgery Sandral Carter Devry University Robotic Surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery with the use of robots that surgeons control. (Background and History of Surgical Robotics, 2017) The goal of using robots in medicine is to provide improved diagnostic abilities, a less invasive and more comfortable experience for the patient, and the ability to do smaller and more precise interventions. Robotic surgery is increasing in popularityRead MoreThe Boom in Robotic Population1146 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction According to the report of International Federation of Robotics in 2008 the worlds robot population has reached 8.6 million. That is a little less than the population of New Jersey (Guizzo, Erico). From this data it is clear that lots of people do not realize how much they are surrounded by robots already at the present time. Additionally from year to year number of these robots is growing as technology and science are developing faster than it seems. This essay will discuss drawbacksRead MoreHow Technology Has Revolutionized The Dimension Of Healthcare1698 Words   |  7 Pageshealthcare, who are the individuals and the communities who receive healthcare administered in clinics, hospitals, aging services homes, hospices, hospitals and other organizations that are affected directly by healthcare like medical insurance and health services integrated with behavioral ailments institutions (Stefane 290). Currently, there are very many cases of negligence in situations whereby a healthcare facility wrongfully implants the wrong organ to a patient. Situations where there is improperRead MoreThe Impact Of Health Information On Individuals, Professionals, And Organizations Essay1339 Words   |  6 PagesHealth information is a fundamental piece of data which represents a person, business, organization, or a community. This data is vital in monitoring and coordination of care for individuals and communities. It not only monitors and coordinates patient care, but reduces costly mistakes and prevent duplication of treatments as well as taking a pivotal role in preserving, securing, and protecting personal health information. Since, this information is extremely essential and sensitive, it must remainRead MoreRobotics7086 Words   |  29 PagesRobotics: Utopia or Dystopia Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia? Table of Contents: Serial No. | Particular | Page No. | 01. | Introduction | 04 | 02. | Definition of a Robot | 04 | 03. | History of Robotics | 05 - 10 | 04. | The implications of robotics for jobs in manufacturing | 10-12 | 05. | The implications of robotics for jobs in the service sector: | 12 -13 | 06. | Robotics and future jobs, utopia or Dystopia | 13-15Read MoreHealthcare Industry : Health Care Industry1278 Words   |  6 PagesHealth Care Industry Paper The health care industry integrates several sectors of an economy with the aim of providing curative, preventive and rehabilitative care products and services. Healthcare providers include institutions such as hospitals or individuals such as nurses, doctors, midwives and they provide health care services to individuals or communities at large (Swayne et al., 2013). This paper examines the past, present, and future of the health care industry in relation to technology,Read MoreTrends Of Medical Care Around The World1269 Words   |  6 PagesTrends in Medical Care Around the World Alex Blissitte As the many cultures and societies across the world change, the spread of healthcare changes, as well. Through research, we are able to compare both the benefits and disadvantages of various types of healthcare across the world. By studying trends and applying current knowledge, we can predict what the future holds for medical care in both our own country and other countries. Two examples of a developed healthcare system can be seen in AustraliaRead MoreThe Execution Of Iot For Practical Use1698 Words   |  7 Pages3. ENABLE TECHNOLOGIES MAKING IoT REALITY The execution of IoT for practical use is possible through the use of several enabling technologies. For this well-organized functioning of smart sensors and microcontroller components with certain capabilities is needed. That device should have low power operation, integrated precision-analog capabilities, and GUI’s. Other than that the device should be small and extended battery life to increase its usability, should offer high accuracy at the relativelyRead MoreEssay For Profit vs. Not for Profit Organizations1596 Words   |  7 PagesGovernment owned and operated hospitals offer unprofitable services; which positions nonprofit hospitals somewhere between the government and for-profit healthcare providers. The definition for not-for-profit healthcare providers is being able to provide care without regard to a patients ability to pay for their service. These organizations are tax-exempt such as, nonprofit hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. They do not look at profit the same as other for-profit organizations. Their profit comes

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Faith and Reason in the Enlightenment Essay - 2216 Words

In a time when faith and hard labor kept the majority of society alive, the introduction of reason by the Enlightenment was initially perceived as a threat. People had focused on their faiths and grasped the traditions and rituals of their dogmas. The Enlightenment introduced the possibility of faith and reason coinciding and cooperating to form a more civilized and equal society to replace the Old Regime, and the changes lasted far after the period of the Enlightenment. Leading up to the Enlightenment Prior to the Enlightenment, England and France instituted Old Regime societies in which three distinct classes of people embraced religion as the foundation of their lives. Each caste had a different lifestyle, with†¦show more content†¦Internally, disagreements over religion fluctuated according to the religion of the monarch in power. In 1642 in England, civil war broke out because Charles I was soft on Catholics, the Parliament was divided in religious conformity, and the Presbyterians and Anglicans could not get along. Also, the battle between Catholicism and Protestantism raged for years, coming to a climax with the Glorious Revolution in 1688. The Glorious Revolution came about with the end of Catholic James IIs rule and the argument of who who would inherit his throne. His son, James, was Catholic and had a son who was Catholic as well. At the time, society was fearful of another Catholic leader. Mary, James IIs daughter, was marr ied to William the Orange, who was Dutch. Together, they forced James III out of contention and took the throne. They drafted the ...Toleration Act of 1689 (which) legalized all forms of Protestantism -- save those that denied the Trinity-- and outlawed Roman Catholicism.2 Toward the end of the Old Regime, new theories developed and introduced the possibility of solving both the hardship of the Third Estate and the religious skirmishes. In 1593, Copernicus offered the beginningShow MoreRelatedThe Myths And Its Impact On Society1007 Words   |  5 Pagestruth that the Enlightenment worldview had. Enlightenment at its inception shifted the essential focal point from God to self. With this shift humankind became more in control of their own beliefs. Belief is something based on facts, reason, or a combination of both. Humankind began to reason their foundation of faith with what they considered facts hence, they became more enlightened and in control of their destiny. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Enlightenment movement beganRead MoreThe Great Conversation Of History1573 Words   |  7 PagesIn life, there is a constant battle ensuing over faith and reason. Those two things are constantly feeding off of each other in someone’s mind when making a decision. Over time in which some say is a great conversation about history this battle is changing. The Great Conversation of history spans over many eras where the questions of faith and reason are always things battling for a spot in our minds, but they shouldn’t be in battle because they are very much dependent on the other. Among the timeRead MoreWhat Is Enlightenment1028 Words   |  5 PagesSociety What is Enlightenment?, an explication that was written in 1784 in Prussia by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, discusses the principles that he deems to be truths surrounding significant topics such as freedom, reason, and an individual’s and/or societal necessity to be fully mature, in terms that he described as being scholar. Here, what is most evident is the reality that while he perceived the society as being unprepared to be fully mature, he nevertheless held faith on his belief thatRead MoreEssay on Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804)1093 Words   |  5 PagesImmanuel Kant (1724 - 1804) Author of Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals (1785). The Enlightenment was a desire for human affairs to be guided by rationality than by faith, superstition, or revelation; a belief in the power of human reason to change society and liberate the individual from the restraints of custom or arbitrary authority; all backed up by a world view increasingly validated by science rather than by religion or tradition. (Outram 1995) In the eighteenth centuryRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Buddhism, By Dalai Lama1351 Words   |  6 Pagesreligion is very simple. My religion is kindness.† This quote, spoken by the Dalai Lama, epitomises the simplicity of the Buddhist faith. Since 2010, the faith has grown by over 7.2%; perhaps it is the simplistic nature and approach to life that has caused this growth. Buddhism is one of the most fascinating religious and philosophical beliefs of the world. The faith emerged in India in approximately 560 BCE, and quickly spread throughout the East. Since then, it has become one of the fastest growingRead MoreThe Enlightenment Paradigm Shift Within The Era1628 Words   |  7 PagesThe Enlightenment Paradigm Shift The Enlightenment era, between the 1500s and 1800s was a predominately intellectual movement that saw the development of new ideas, major changes in Church-State relations and scientific discoveries that are still fundamental today. Until the Renaissance and Reformation period the Church, from the ancient to medieval ages, had total domination. The Renaissance era set the ball rolling for the Enlightenment with the beginning of scientific inquiry and search forRead MoreEssay on Tartuffe1055 Words   |  5 PagesCleante: A True Enlightenment Man Moliere’s Tartuffe is from 17th century France, during the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason. The type of Enlightenment in the western culture differed from the Eastern Asian philosophies. Enlightenment thinkers put faith in reason and analysis in the Western culture. Tartuffe was born to a culture that valued the age of rationalism, or practical thinking, which had gradually departed from religious beginnings. Furthermore, people in Paris were interestedRead More Transitions of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment Periods1675 Words   |  7 PagesTransitions of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment Periods The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were times of great emphasis on reason and questioning of faith. The scientists and philosophes of these eras discovered and taught new ideas that often contradicted what the church and former thinkers had taught and believed before them. Most of the intellectual, political, economic, and social characteristics associated with the modernRead MoreThe Enlightenment and the Great Awakening.1534 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were two historical events that shaped the thoughts of people and religion in America. The most important factor in both of these events is the common theme of reason behind the movements. The Great Awakening began about the 1930s and reached its climax ten years later in 1740. What exactly was the Great Awakening? It was a wave of religion revivals sweeping through New England that increased conversions and church membership. The beginnings o f the GreatRead More Karl Marx and His Beliefs About Society Essay1608 Words   |  7 Pages The Enlightenment of the late eighteenth century had caused all of England and Europe to decide where to let their lives lead them in terms of faith; either towards Christianity, or towards Protestantism. The final time period that had a major impact on the English and European society was the Industrial Revolution, which introduced new ways to make life easier in terms of the production of goods, and make life as simple as possible. These three main time periods gave Karl Marx the reason and drive